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About Robyn Gray

A tiny bit about me….

I’m a little bit eclectic. I love fine art, redecorating and gardening. I love to have fun with family and friends, and I’m a mum of two teenaged children. We have a wee dog called Will-I-Am… who lovingly considers himself, to be the welcoming committee.

Hi, I’m Robyn…. I studied Design at the University of Otago, while making documentaries. Through this I became aware of the importance of creating great photography, so I completed a 2yr diploma in photography in 2008. Soon after, I launched my photography business, specialising in Portraits, Fine Art Design and Advertising.

Making a difference, for my clients:    

A major decision early in the piece, was to become a boutique photographer. I have a limit of 3 clients per week, so I can give to them, the attention, detail and love, that will make them sparkle. This has always been extremely important to me.

My sessions start with an in-person consultation and design session, where we play with ideas, and I can answer any of their questions. From here, we design the final outcome of how their images will look.

What do I like to photograph?

I love to photograph people, especially the ones who think they will ‘crack’ the lens. I like to create images that show them their worth and beauty.

My clients are the heroes. It takes courage to sit in front of a camera, but I pride myself on helping them feel relaxed, and talking them through the process. I keep it light hearted and whimsical. By the end of the session, they won’t even realise that I have the shots, the shots that will make them sparkle and look radiant.

I’m openly drawn to, and love grownups, children and animals. Being able to capture them, in a way that brings them to life and tells their story, is time felt and one of the most precious ways of honouring them.

Where do I photograph?

At the beautiful back drops, and the surrounding beaches of Dunedin, New Zealand. This makes shooting on location a dream. I keep the studio for the precious new bundles of joy, as they need extra warmth and care.

From my experience as a mum, friend, sister, auntie, and a lover of beautiful things, not just the visible, but things that shine through from the heart,…. by allowing yourself to be open and relaxed, this can give you endless possibilities of beautiful images.

How do I give back to the community?

Every so often a little bird will whisper to me, about someone in need, so I quietly set about creating something beautiful for them.

In early February 2017 I Married a very special man and so hence the Business name change to Robyn Gale Photographer.

The name has changed but the service is still the same. :)